Campus Crime: 07/08/11

Construction violation

Officers responded to a report of two males being inside of the construction site near Fourth Street in the early morning of June 25. The suspects were spotted walking down Skiles Walkway towards the Student Center.

The officers made contact with the two males outside of the Ferst Center for Performing Arts. It was there and then that they observed the smell of alcohol coming from both individuals, who turned out to be underage Tech students.

Officers issued a Student Conduct code violation to each student.

One-way ticket

An officer pulled over a car travelling in the wrong direction along Northside Drive near Marietta Street at approximately 2:30 a.m. on June 25.

After being asked if he had been drinking that night, the driver stated that he had earlier in the night, but not for the past couple of hours.

The responding officer did not conduct a field sobriety test, but did ask the driver to blow into the roadside breathalyzer box to check his blood alcohol level. The driver agreed to take the test and blew a .101.

The officer then advised the driver that his car would be towed and that he needed to find a ride to pick him up. The driver called his roommate, who had not been drinking that night.

The driver was only issued a citation for driving the wrong way on a one-way street.

Arcane fire

A fire alarm went off in the Howey Physics Building the morning of June 26.

A man who identified himself as the building manager showed the officer to the fire panel, which indicated that the fire was coming from the elevator equipment room. Upon arrival, the Atlanta Fire Department found that the electrical box for the elevators was burning.

Power to the room was subsequently shut off, and the fire alarm panel was reset.


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