Campus Crime: 06/24/11

Phone jack

On the evening of June 14, a student had her iPhone taken by a juvenile on Cherry St. The complainant observed two young individuals on a bench, and one crossed the street to ask to borrow her phone. The individual said he had attempted to use a computer at the library to call his mother, but had been denied entry.

The complainant watched the individual attempt two phone calls in an unfamiliar manner. The individual then took off with the phone toward North Ave. The complainant attempted pursuit, but to no avail. The complainant said neither weapons nor intimidation were involved, and the subject did not snatch her phone.

Fighting words

At 2:49 a.m. on June 12, an officer was dispatched to the Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) house in response to a physical altercation between members of TKE and Delta Upsilon (DU). The offender stated that individuals at the TKE house had made negative comments about him, causing him to go to their front yard. The offender was put in a headlock, during which he agreed to end the incident. When he was released, he punched the victim and returned to DU. The officer spoke to TKE’s president who wanted the incident to be handled through the Interfraternity Council process. The offender was issued a student code of conduct violation for simple assault.

Off the chain

In the late morning of June 13, an officer was dispatched to the Woodruff Dining Hall for a case of lost keys. A dining services employee had used a golf cart to provide a tour for a new employee. The employee then left the keys in the ignition of the golf cart at Woodruff, and upon returning later, the cart was there but the keys were gone. The employee said the chain included keys for both work and personal use.


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