Students participate in day of service

Tech Beautification Day (TBD) was held this past Saturday, April 9. Students participated in general clean-up and landscaping activities to aesthetically enhance the campus surroundings. The event has been held annually on campus since 1998.

Volunteers teamed up to participate in different projects as part of the event, which lasted from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Registration for the event began at 9 a.m. on the Instructional Center lawn where students proceeded to their respective projects. Approximately 1100 volunteers were signed up to participate in 70 different projects.

“TBD is a chance for all the students on campus to come out and make the place where they go to school better looking. There’s a lot of construction on campus, and we want to put our best foot forward since new students are coming to campus,” said James Eick, TBD co-chair and a fourth-year MGT major.

Students participated in a number of projects that included trash pick-up, spreading fresh pine-straw and mulch, laying grass seed, painting, planting flowering plants around campus and other maintenance activities. There was a barbeque celebration after students finished their activities.

Volunteers in different projects were administered by project coordinators who were in charge of managing and coordinating TBD projects along with the help of representatives from Facilities. These representatives instructed volunteers for each project on landscaping strategies and techniques.

“Facilities may have trouble keeping up with some activities because they’re under-manned so we’re here to help them just like they’re there to help us on a daily basis,” Eick said.

The number of Greek houses participating in projects increased this year in comparison to previous years. Initially, there were a large number of students participating in projects but not many of them were representative of fraternities or sororities. This year nine Greek houses participated in various projects for TBD in comparison to only three houses in previous years. Greek Houses also submitted project ideas and supply needs for the event. The Greek Initiative was well received by all campus leaders and is expected to grow.

“We got funding from Housing, from RHA, SGA, Inter-Fraternity Council as well as the class of 1981 and Facilities provided us with all the supplies to hold the event,” Eick said.

A number of additional campus organizations were involved, either to help fund the events or to participate in projects. The Student Alumni Association donated money and also had a number of volunteers involved in projects. Other organizations such as the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) and the SCPC were also represented in the various different projects.

“I think it’s a good thing to clean up the environment. Representing Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW), this is definitely something that I’m interested in,” said Demerrick Moton, a third-year CompE major.


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