News Briefs, 3/11/11

ABAC engineering track established

Current and future Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC) engineering students enrolled in the School of Mathematics and Science are now being offered guaranteed acceptance to Tech, so long as they meet the requirements set by the Regents’ Engineering Transfer Program’s (RETP).

In order to be guaranteed acceptance, ABAC in-state and out-of-state students must maintain 2.7 and 3.0 GPAs, respectively, in addition to completing all courses required by the RETP.

The program was approved after the math faculty at ABAC developed a new differential equations class that will be similar to Tech’s. The class will first be taught in the Spring 2012.

Dog days not over

Owners can teach their dogs to shake their paws, but not their wet fur. An ongoing study being conducted by Institute researchers into how a wet dog’s shake can be applied to modern appliances continues to garner media attention.

The group discovered that the smaller animals must shake faster to dry themselves off. They videotaped over 16 different species shaking off their fur in order to analyze the phenomenon. They found a relationship between the radius of the animal and the frequency with which it had to shake to dry off. This work can be applied to improving the performance of household appliances like washing machines.

The study, led by Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering David Hu, was featured in an article on Popular Mechanics website on March 8.


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