Campus Crime, 3/11/11

Down for the count: Round 1

A student was arrested after striking a paramedic who was treating him for a laceration to the back of his head from a previous altercation in the early morning of March 4.

The student was struck in the back of the head earlier in the night during a scuffle with another student.

The student informed the responding GTPD officer that he had been struck and kicked in the head repeatedly during the earlier fight.

The student was evaluated by ambulance paramedics who advised the student that he would have to be transported to the Grady Emergency room due to the nature of the injury and because he had been drinking prior to the altercation.

The student did not wish to be transported to the hospital and struck one of the treating paramedics in the face. He had to be restrained and sedated before being transported.

Down for the count: Round 2

A scuffle between a student and several unknown males ensued outside of a residential area at approximately 1:45 a.m. on March 4.

The altercation began after one of the unknown individuals began kicking the door of the house. It was then that the student attempted to restrain the unruly individual outside of the house.

A slight altercation took place and the student was pulled back into the house unharmed.

Reason not to study

While studying in the library Monday afternoon, a female student was approached by an unknown male who then told her to, “Take off your sweater because it’s going to be me and you.”

The male then began fondling and rubbing himself inappropriately over his blue jeans while making obscene gestures towards the victim.
The student immediately reported the incident to campus security.


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