Campus Crime, 3/4/2011

Handicapped thief
A student, who initially thought her car was towed, realized it was actually stolen after checking with GT Parking on Feb 19. The student believed her tan colored Mercedes Benz had been towed because it was parked illegally in a handicap spot near the J.S. Coon Building on Ferst Drive at Cherry Street. The student, who noticed her car was missing around 4 p.m., did not notice any broken glass where her vehicle had been parked. She finally reported her car missing after confirming with GT Parking on Monday, Feb. 21, that her car had not been impounded over the weekend. Officers checked the area for the car with no immediate results.

Fifth Street KO
A male student was knocked unconscious briefly after being physically assaulted on the the Fifth Street bridge in the early morning hours of Feb 27. A GTPD officer came upon the scene around 3:30 a.m. when he noticed a stationary Grady Ambulance with its lights flashing. Several students were gathered on the sidewalk of the bridge around a pool of blood.
The victim and a group of friends were walking back from the Waffle House in Tech Square when three unknown males approached the group. At least one of the members of the group was making derogatory comments towards the females in the group. It was at this point that the victim approached one of the males to ask him to “leave it alone, and walk away.” The assailant replied to him to watch his mouth.
The victim saw the male turn away and believes that it was just after that point when the assailant punched him in the face. When he regained consciousness, there was a crowd of people standing around him who let him know that an ambulance had already been called.
The assailant was not able to be identified, although the student guessed that he was probably in his late 20s and was wearing a blue or green button-down shirt.


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