2/11 Campus Crime

Beating in Barnes
Officers were called to Barnes & Noble on Wednesday, Feb. 2 to respond to complaints about two unknown, disorderly black males.
An employee stated that he observed the two males acting suspiciously in the man’s upstairs restroom. After attempting to make contact with one of the subjects, one advanced and threatened to “Box him in the mouth.” The subjects them immediately exited the store.
The employee stated that he felt threatened by males but did not want to press criminal charges. He stated that he only wants the subjects to be given a criminal trespass warning.

Extinguished encroacher
A student was issued a code of conduct violation for underage alcohol possession and criminal trespass at 12:31 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 5. The male student was spotted running from the courtyard area near the ULC and was carrying a fire extinguisher.
When questioned by officers about the fire extinguisher, the subject responded, “What fire extinguisher?”
The male took the fire extinguisher, possibly from the ULC, and sprayed the extinguisher in the courtyard. The male acted like he did not have any identification on him when questioned and was visibly intoxicated.

Mommie dearest
On Friday, Feb. 4, officers were called to a subject outside of a dorm shouting. The subject resisted the approach of the officers and proceeded to shout, “I need help, and I am on drugs,” into a cell phone while evading police.
The officers requested assistance from Grady Hospital and tried to calm the subject. The subject refused medical assistance and refused to stop speaking on the phone. Officers convinced the subject to relinquish his cell phone, at which point the officers talked to his mother, who was on the line. With her assistance, the officers convinced the subject to get into the ambulance.


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