Campus Crime 2/4

Hooked on chronics
Three Eighth Street Apartment students were issued code of conduct violations for marijuana possession on the night of Jan. 22. Officers received calls about a strong scent of marijuana coming from one of the rooms.
After knocking on the door of the room in question, the two officers and the housing representative heard a shuffle inside the room. Upon opening, the officers immediately noticed a strong odor of marijuana. The students inside the apartment denied knowing about any marijuana in the apartment. While housing did not perform a search, the students were all issued code of conduct violations.
Bobby Dod(d)ged
Two students were issued criminal trespass warnings for entering Bobby Dodd Stadium at 3:00 a.m. on the morning of Jan. 22. The two students, one male and one female, were seen by an officer conducting a stadium check. The officer made contact with the two in the West stands. The two stated that they were on a date and were cooperative with the officer. They were able to gain entry through the bottom of gate two.
Arrest assured
Officers arrested a wanted person after briefly letting him go on Jan. 25. While checking ticket scalpers’ identifications, one of them was found to be a possible wanted suspect. At that time, Communication gave the officers the name and profile of someone who might be using a false ID. Communication advised that the suspect had a large tattoo on his neck, which the officers were unable to locate on the subject being questioned, who was released.
After reviewing a picture of the subject at police headquarters, the officers realized that the subject in question had a warrant for his arrest in Clayton County. They were able to relocate the suspect and place him under arrest nearby Alexander Memorial Coliseum. The suspect admitted that he and another person routinely use each other’s license number.


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