Council Clippings 1/18

Class presidents
The Undergraduate House of Representatives amended its bylaws with a vote of 44-2-2 during its Tuesday meeting to give more responsibilities to the four class presidents, who are the following members: Jacob Tzegaegbe (Senior Rep.), Alex Walker (Junior Rep.), Hunter Hammond (Sophomore Rep.) and McKenzie Delaney (Freshman Rep). The class presidents are those who received the most electoral votes in the last election.
Currently, the presidents’ only responsibility beyond those of a normal representative are to attend SGA advisory meetings each week when they talk with other campus leaders about pressing issues. The new responsibilities would require them to deliver a monthly report to the House, describing the efforts the president and the other representatives of their respective classes have taken to contact constituents.
Hammond supported the bill. “I am very excited about this resolution,” Hammond said.
Not all representatives felt that this amendment was a positive step.
“You can’t regulate yourself out of inherent issues,” said MGT Representative Mathias Rost.
Internal Development Chair and Junior Representative Mike Mosgrove authored the bill and felt that it would help.
“I consider [this] a productive step to increased communication with constituents. The bill is meant to begin streamlining communications in an organized manner,” Mosgrove said.

JacketPages revision
A revision of JacketPages over the winter break has caused discontent among Undergraduate Representatives and Graduate Senators. Along with user interface and social changes, the new version changed several aspects of the bill submission system.
“The JacketPages change on the finance side caught us all by surprise,” said Anthony Baldridge, Graduate Student Body President. “With the new system, it is difficult to use JacketPages in the capacity that we are accustomed such as searching bills by stages and searching bills at all for that matter.”
Undergraduate Executive Vice President Brenda Morales asked for patience from organizations.
“We ask for everybody’s patience as we continue to familiarize ourselves with the limitations and opportunities presented by the new system, attempt to resolve any issues that arise and make adjustments to better serve student organizations,” Morales said.


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