Campus Crime 1/21

Cellular sex offender
A GTPD officer was dispatched after receiving notification of a suspicious person near the Molecular Science Building. The victim reported that the individual was acting strangely and threw his cell phone away before exiting the building. The subject was identified and spoke with GTPD. The subject had another cell phone in his possession. It was concluded that this cell phone belonged to a female Tech graduate who had met with the subject earlier in the day. She reported that the subject had stolen her cell phone and refused to return it until she performed sexual favors upon him. She stated that the suspect was bipolar and was probably not taking his medication. The female victim’s cell phone was returned to her possession, and the subject was warned to stay away from campus.

Library libations
A female student reported indecent exposure at the Library to GTPD. The female victim reported that while at the Library, a man had exposed himself to her. The victim reported that she had seen the man at the library on several occasions since then and had taken a picture of him with her cell phone.
She showed the picture to security personnel at the library, who identified the man as a former employee of the library who visited frequently. The victim also emailed the picture to GTPD.

Suspicious G.I.
A GTPD officer responded to a suspicious person call from the Student Success Center. The suspect said that he was seeking enrollment into Tech and had spoken previously with administration personnel. After a discussion with the subject, it was determined that the subject had been in the military and was seeking information on using his G.I. Bill to attend Tech. After witnessing the suspect contact personnel and exit the building, the officer determined that the suspect had a legitimate reason to be on campus.


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