11/19/2010: Campus Crime

An intoxicated student was transported from the North Ave. Apartments to Grady Hospital around 1:00 a.m. on Nov. 14. The responding officer made contact with the student in the courtyard area between the North and West buildings. The officer reported that the student was speaking, but was uttering incoherent sentences. The student was combative with the responding officers and transporting EMTs and had to be restrained to a stretcher before being taken to the ambulance. After spitting in the faces of both of the EMTs, they further restrained the student by placing an oxygen mask over his face. He was transported to Grady without incident.

R-rated GChat
Two Tech students reported being intimidated over GChat while in the library. The complainant and her current boyfriend, the victim, reported that while the two were studying in the library on the night of Nov. 14, she began receiving Gmail chat messages from an ex-boyfriend, another Tech student. The complainant stated that during the conversation the ex-boyfriend used threatening language. Both affected students felt that the ex-boyfriend could carry out the mentioned threats. The incident was recorded on file.

Hits and Run
An officer pulled over a white Chevrolet Impala with heavy front-end damage on Ferst Drive two-minutes after a vehicle collision was reported at the intersection of Fifth and Spring Street. The offender stated that the damage to the front of his vehicle was sustained in an earlier accident. After being identified as the driver from the scene of the accident, he was placed under arrest. After being detained and handcuffed, the offender stated he required medical attention but then refused the help of the Grady paramedics. Officers had to restrain the offenders legs and placed a safety mask over his face to prevent him from spitting on any officers.


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