11/05/10: Campus Crime

Alpha guy mania
GTPD was notified of a fight in progress in front of the Alpha Chi Omega Sorority on Brittain Drive on the night of Oct. 28. According to witnesses, the fight’s aggressor was intoxicated and had been behaving aggressively toward several people in the vicinity. The aggressor reportedly took a pair of sunglasses from the other student’s head and broke the sunglasses. An argument between the two ensued and the aggressor pushed someone in the crowd, causing a fight to break out among at least three people. One of the fight’s participants was transported to Grady Hospital to treat a head injury.

Unparalled parking

At 3 a.m. on Oct. 26, a GTPD officer on motorcycle was in the process of parking at the BP gas station on North Avenue. As the officer was about to release his side-stand to park, a red Honda Passport pulled into the spot directly next to the officer at such a sharp angle that the car was no more than a foot away from striking the officer. The officer reported that upon looking at the driver, he knew immediately that the driver had been drinking. The officer approached the driver of the car to ask for his license. The driver provided his permanent resident card from Mexico and a student identification card from Georgia Highlands College but had no driver’s license. The driver completed the field sobriety test, but refused to blow into the alcohol sensor box. The driver was booked for driving under the influence.

Balloon buffoons
Three freshmen students were issued student codes of conduct for lobbing water balloons at pedestrians on the sidewalk from Glenn Residence Hall around 1:00 a.m. on Oct. 29. An officer was dispatched to Glenn after someone reported the incident. Upon arrival, the officer observed a white male throw a water balloon from a fourth floor window. After being questioned, one of the students admitted to striking someone with a balloon.


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