10/28/10: Campus Crime

Folly on fourth

While on patrol in the early morning of Oct. 16, an officer noticed a white male urinating on the sidewalk and stumbling while walking along at the corner of Fourth Street and Fowler Street. The officer stated that it was apparent that the individual was intoxicated and that he was unable to walk on his own. The officer advised the individual to sit down and advised dispatch to notify Grady EMS. By the time an ambulance arrived, it had been determined that the individual was not a Tech student. He was issued a criminal trespass warning and was transported to Grady Hospital for medical treatment.

Packed party

A little after midnight on Oct. 16, an officer was dispatched to the Undergraduate Living Center in response to a loud party. Upon arrival, the officer was led to the room. Shortly after knocking on the door, one of the room’s residents answered the door. The officer observed a total of 63 people in the common area of the room drinking alcoholic punch, listening to music and dancing.
After the music was turned off, the officer was able to get the attention of the all of the party’s attendees and recorded each person’s information. The hosts of the party were each issued student code of conduct violations for the party as well as for furnishing alcohol to persons under 21 years of age.

Pocket picked-off

An officer was called to Bobby Dodd Stadium during Tech’s football game against Middle Tennessee State in response to a report of larceny. The complainant reported that a black male, about 5’10” in height with a black coat over his arm bumped into him while waiting in line at a concession stand. The complainant then felt for his wallet, which he noticed was missing. The officer advised the complainant to cancel any credit cards immediately.

Fight sighted

Officers responded to a call of a fight in progress between a man and woman in front of the Woodruff Residence Hall on the night of Oct. 11. Officers arrived to find a couple matching the description between two cars in front of the Woodruff Residence Hall. The officer approached the female, a Tech student and took her aside to discuss the situation. She explained that the male was her boyfriend and the two had been fighting over allegations of each other’s infidelity. She stated that the fight became physical when her boyfriend slapped her across the face.

The officer checked for any signs of injury, but found none. The officer then spoke with the boyfriend who admitted to slapping his girlfriend after she had bitten him on the chest. He pulled down the collar of his shirt to reveal a large, red bite mark. The officer returned to the girlfriend, who admitted to biting her boyfriend after he had pushed her. Neither party wished to press criminal charges. The boyfriend, who is not a Tech student, was issued a criminal trespass warning and advised not to return to campus or he would be arrested.

Mating calls

On Oct. 11, a Tech Ph.D candidate reported she has been receiving harassing phone calls for roughly the past year. She began receiving the calls from an unknown, blocked telephone number in Dec. 2009. Whenever the student answered, the caller did not speak and instead makes sexual noises like hard breathing and moaning. Whenever the student hangs up, the unknown caller repeatedly called back.
On the night of Oct. 11, the student began receiving calls from the unknown number at 10:23 p.m. She answered the call and the caller began to make sexual sounds. She hung up the phone and the caller called back five or six more times. The student called GTPD because she has become increasingly concerned for safety.