09/23/10: Campus Crime

Forgotten assault

On the afternoon of Sept. 18, GTPD received a call about a West Georgia University student who was beaten and thrown out of a party at a fraternity house at Tech for misbehaving and touching an unidentified female in the early hours of the same morning. The student suffered from a fractured bone in his leg and several bruises. The victim said that he was highly intoxicated and did not remember anything about the incident. He stated he did not know where, how or why he was attacked.

All he was able to do was to identify a Tech student who confirmed that the incident was being talked about by a lot of people. The beaten student’s dad said he would speak with his son when he gets discharged from the hospital.

Hurt zombie

On Sept. 19, a Tech student was hurt while playing the campus wide Zombies vs. Aliens game. The student slipped on pine needles while running across the courtyard at Field Residence Hall and suffered a deep laceration to his left knee and severe abrasions to his left hand. Grady EMS arrived at the scene promptly, and the student was taken to Atlanta Medical Center to be treated for injuries.

Architecture party

On Sept. 16, the facilities manager of the Architecture building called GTPD regarding a trespassing violation in the premises on the night of Sept. 14. During her routine morning check of the Reisch Pierce Auditorium, she discovered about 35 empty beer cans, liquor bottles and bottle caps near the stage.

The stage had also gotten wet with a liquid that smelled like alcohol. On looking through the video footage from a camera positioned at the entry of the auditorium they found evidence against twenty white males who entered as a group with the alcohol. Damages were estimated to be around $500, and police are investigating the case.