09/17/10: Campus Crime

From the files of the GTPD

Squatter blotter

A police officer observed a character dressed in dark clothing peering into vehicles on McMillan St. behind Rocky Mountain Pizza on the night of Sept. 4. Upon seeing the officer, the subject immediately walked away to the Tech Plaza Shopping Center. The subject became irritable and refused to answer the officer when asked what he was doing behind Rocky Mountain Pizza. The officer asked if the subject had been drinking. He responded that he had consumed three large beers, “not of the Miller or Bud type.” The subject had no valid identification on his person or at his stated residence on Calhoun St. Officers found evidence that the man had been squatting in the house. The subject was arrested for pedestrian under the influence of alcohol and for obstruction.

Botched box

On the morning of Sept. 11 officers were dispatched to Skiles Classroom Building to investigate reports of a suspicious package. The package in question was a cardboard box found in the flowerbed on the first level walkway with the inscriptions “To: America” and “From: Allah for Burning My Book” written on the outside. The responding officers found the box to be empty upon their arrival, but GTPD’s K-9 unit was still called to the scene to conduct a search of the box and the surrounding area. The dog did not find any sign of explosives.

iPod trouble

A Student Services employee received a phone call from a disgruntled former employee on the afternoon of Sept. 4. According to the complainant, the former employee called to inform the complainant that she was filing a lawsuit against Tech over her termination. The former employee then questioned the complainant about an iPod she claimed to have been missing since her dismissal. The caller reportedly stated, “if she did not get her iPod back, she was going to burn this place down.”