09/10/10: Campus Crime

Mac attack

On the evening of Sep. 1, an officer was dispatched to a report of shoplifting at the Tech Square Barnes and Noble Bookstore. When the officer arrived on the scene, the complainant, a Barnes and Noble employee, explained that an Apple Mac Mini computer had been stolen. He stated that the computer is valued at $650. It was later discovered that three similar Mac Mini computers (valued at $940 a piece) went missing in the previous week. The Barnes and Noble employee stated that the products were left unsecured throughout the store at the request of an Apple representative. He noted that in the future, their Mac Mini computers would be secured differently.

Policeman put out

Around 10:10 a.m. on the morning of Sep. 1, a GTPD officer notified the police department that he was involved in a single-vehicle accident while patrolling the Family Housing Parking Deck. The officer backed into a fire extinguisher housing unit attached to a cement pillar. The officer struck the unit with the car’s driver side rear taillight. Minor damage was inflicted to the fire extinguisher housing unit, but there was no damage observed on either the fire extinguisher or the cement pillar.

Trouble sleeping

Officers pulled over a Nissan Pathfinder travelling north on West Peachtree St. because the vehicle’s tag lights were out. An officer initiated the traffic stop on the night of Sept. 1. During a check of the vehicles’s registration, it was found that it was not insured.

The responding officer reported immediately smelling the odor of alcohol. The officer further noticed that the driver’s eyes were blood shot. The driver said he had one beer earlier but later changed that number to two. The driver then took a field sobriety test, which he passed. Because the driver had no proper insurance, his car was towed directly from the scene.