09/05/10: Council Clippings

Funding bills postponed

The UHR discussed no funding bills during its first meeting. The majority of the bills under consideration stayed on new business and will be discussed next week. Funding for cricket Club, a $4550 allocation for league expenses, was to be discussed by the Representatives, but a failure by the club to appear postponed the discussion by one week. GSS passed the bill earlier during the day after amending it to Joint Finance Committee policy.

Cabinet members sworn-in

All of the executive officers nominated by Undergraduate Student Body President Corey Boone, were confirmed by both the UHR and GSS. These officers did not include the Director of Academic Affairs, the Director of Community Outreach or the Historian, which are positions created by executive order. While some representatives questioned the wisdom of having executive cabinet members also serve in the legislative branch, all officers were confirmed by large margins.

Members-at-large elected

UHR elected three members-at-large during executive session. Following procedure, UHR kept deliberations secret from all non-members. After discussion, Merry Hunter Hipp, Victoria Lee and Alex Smalis were chosen to represent the student body as a whole in further meetings.

Elections code

The UHR discussed an amendment to the elections code that would have the Undergraduate Student Body President and Executive Vice President run on a single ticket, instead of in two separate races as in year’s past. Officials cited last year’s amendment to the Constitution transferring the Executive Vice President’s legislative duties to the new position of Speaker of the House as the driving force for this change. Boone supported the amendment, saying that it would promote “cohesion” between the President and Executive Vice President.

Funding bills postponed

SGA will place a referendum before the student body to amend its Constitution by placing the language governing the split between capital outlay and prior year into the more easily amended Joint Finance Committee policy. This referendum will need approval by a majority of voters and will go in front of the student body on Monday, Sep. 13.