09/05/10: Campus Crime

Can’t hold it in!

On Aug. 27, a GTPD officer responded to a call at Field Residence Hall after a student fell off a bed and urinated in front of another resident’s door. The complainant stated that the student smelled of alcohol and appeared to be drunk. When the officer woke the student up, the student admitted that he had a few drinks and had played a game of beer pong at a fraternity house earlier that night. Grady EMS arrived on the scene to assess the student, but he denied treatment. He was issued a student code of conduct violation.

Relationship on the rocks

An officer responded to a call at 4:12 a.m. on Aug. 29 in response to a call of a verbal altercation between a male student and his former girlfriend. The former girlfriend attempted to retrieve her property from the male student’s fraternity house and was denied access to his room. As well, she stated that her former boyfriend had been abusive to her both physically and verbally in the past. When the officer spoke to the male student, the student stated that his former girlfriend had been abusive to him as well, and would only seek to pursue legal action if she did.

The officer retrieved the female’s belongings and warned both to discontinue further contact with each other.

Leave me alone

A female student issued a complaint after receiving a number of harassing messages from another male student. The victim had been contacted multiple times through Facebook, phone calls and emails since 2009 asking her to break up with her boyfriend to be with him. In response, the female student rejected him. However, she received further messages that he would track her down. Although he stopped contacting her following warnings from his RA earlier this year, the male student continued to contact her. His information was placed in offender block.