08/26/10: Campus Crime

Hydrogen hijinks

An officer responded to a chemical spill at the Aerospace Engineering Combustion Lab on the evening of Aug. 16. Upon arriving, the responding officer met with the student involved in the chemical spill. The student stated that he was trying to open a cylinder of hydrogen, when he noticed that the top was rusted on. He then used a wrench to examine the canister of hydrogen. Once opened, the canister malfunctioned and sprayed hydrogen all over the student and the inside of the lab. The student then held his breath and fled the contaminated lab. The student was given a medical evaluation on scene and transferred to Grady Hospital .

Diverse cocktail

Two Tech students were taken into custody in relation to a narcotics investigation on the night of Aug. 18. An officer arrived at an apartment on 950 Marietta Street, where he spoke with an Atlanta Narcotics Investigator already on the scene. The investigator explained that one of the students was arrested for the purchase of a controlled substance. The student then gave the investigators consent to search her residence. During the search, investigators found distribution amounts of Ecstasy, LSD and Marijuana, as well as $8,000 in cash. Another student, in the apartment at the time of the search was subsequently arrested. One of the students was in possession of a receipt for a locker rental at the CRC, but the investigators decided against obtaining a search warrant for the locker but insisted that the GTPD could do so.

Gate attack

On Aug. 17, at approximately 9:30 p.m. an officer was dispatched to the scene of a one-car motor vehicle accident at the Klaus parking deck. Upon arriving on the scene the officer made contact with the involved driver. She explained that the parking deck’s gate arm suddenly came down, striking her car as she was entering the deck. No injuries were reported in this incident.