Tech undergoes administrative changes

Campus administration has undergone many personnel changes over the past several months, including the introduction of two new academic Deans and a new provost. The summer semester also saw the additional turnover of staff in several important campus positions. While some members joined the campus community to fill vacancies created by the departure of their predecessors, others moved into new positions created to meet the needs of the Institute.

Ravi Bellamkonda, a professor in the Wallace H. Coutler Department of Biomedical Engineering, has been named Associate Vice President for Research (AVPR) within the office of Executive Vice Presidents for Research (EVPR).Bellamkonda’s main duty is to promote research at Tech.

“Professor Bellamkonda is a well respected faculty member of the biomedical engineering engaged in very exciting research,” said Steve Cross, the Executive Vice president for Research. “He has served Georgia Tech in numerous capacities, most recently as a core member of the Tech strategic planning effort. He is currently leading a task force on innovation with Professor Merrick Furst. As Associate Vice President for Research, he will work closely with me to enhance Tech’s ability to pursue interdisciplinary research.”

Bellamkonda’s goal is to influence not just research at Tech but also the education and service by promoting creativity and influence. He also seeks to facilitate research at all levels, making it easier for undergraduates to participate in the research experience as well as making it easier for graduate students and faculty to conduct their research.

“…I’ve always been interested in the context of this job in working in environments that give people the freedom to do what they wanted to do, encourage them to reach higher,” Bellamkonda said.

The EVPR is part of Institute President G. P. “Bud” Peterson’s effort to create ‘One-GT’ that integrates University, GTRI and Enterprise Innovation Institute.

“It follows that my position is…designed to help Steve Cross and Bud Peterson implement their vision for One-GT,” Bellamkonda said, “A Georgia Tech that is the technological university in the world and an innovation foundry in the next century, addressing globally relevant problems and policy in health care, energy, information, logistics, materials etc.”

Nina Swaczuk has been named General Manager of the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) at Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI2).

“[ATDC] is a start-up accelerator that helps Georgia technology entrepreneurs launch and build successful companies,” according to the ATDC website.

ATDC provides various services including help fundraising, bootstrapping programs, consultation and educational service regarding entrepreneurship.

“It is an exciting time to be part of ATDC as this successful startup accelerator begins its fourth decade of helping Georgia entrepreneurs launch and build science and technology companies,” Sawczuk said. “With the economy encouraging more people to start companies and ATDC’s membership now open to a broader group of enterprises, the organization has never been more important to the state’s entrepreneurs.”

Paul Kohn was named Vice Provost of Enrollment Services. Kohn replaces former Associate Vice Provost Deborah Smith, who retired in May.

Enrollment services covers admissions, scholarships, financial aid and the Office of the Registrar. One of Kohn’s main goals as Vice Provost of Enrollment Services is to promote diversity.

“I look forward to working with the Enrollment Services team at Tech to further develop innovative and effective strategies for recruiting and retaining the future alumni of Georgia Tech. From what I have learned so far, the students, alumni, staff, faculty and other supporters reveal an enthusiasm and energy that I am eager to become a part of,” Kohn said.


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