08/20/10: Campus Crime

Stealthy protection

On Aug. 6, officers responded to a call from the Graduate Living Center about an individual carrying a possible sword on his back. The suspect was spotted entering the elevator after meeting a friend in the GLC lobby. The officers immediately established a perimeter around the building to close off all exits. They then began a search of the hallways on different levels in order to find the suspect, to no avail. The team then began a room by room search of the building. As rooms were cleared, officers identified a female student as the same student who had met the suspect upon his entrance into the building. She stated that the suspect had already left the building, but she called him back to return to the scene. She said that her friend had an umbrella that looked like a sword. After returning to the scene the suspect confirmed that he had a black umbrella that had a sword handle on it. Officers inspected the umbrella and advised the suspect not to carry the umbrella on campus.

Illegal Fire

GTPD was called to the Family Apartments on Aug. 8 in reference to a fire alarm that had been triggered earlier during the night. The complainant had identified the people responsible for the alarm and stated that they were staying in a room without permission from the Institute. Upon arriving at the suspects’ room, officers found that they had been sub-leasing the apartment from its rightful owner, against the rules of the housing department. Both suspects admitted that they knew they could not sub-lease the apartment. Keys were confiscated and suspects issued a criminal trespass warning.

Nobel discovery

Officers identified four sticks of dynamite that had suffered heat damage while conducting an inventory of the explosives bunker at the North Avenue Research Area. The Atlanta Bomb Squad placed the explosives in a containment vessel to be moved and destroyed.


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