08/20/10: News Briefs

Senate Report details wasteful spending

Sen. McCain (R-AZ) and Sen. Colburn (R-OK) released a report called “Summertime Blues” detailing 100 projects funded with stimulus money that are described as wasteful. Two of the mentioned projects are current research programs at Tech.

The first project funds research “to understand, model and support improvisation, or real-time collaborative creativity, in the context of jazz, Indian classical and avant-garde art music,” said the report. The report then goes on to ask, “How will this help the United States out of an historic economic slump?” The program received $762,372 from the federal government. The second project received $427,824 from the National Science Foundation to research how video games can help improve the mental health of the elderly.

“Research is necessary for the long-term economic success of our state and our nation. Federal agencies funded research projects at Georgia Tech because they determined that the projects meet the appropriate criteria for stimulus funding,” said Tech spokesperson Matt Nagel.

Trolley turnaround

Tech is planning a new Trolley turnaround behind the student center. It will be located in the parking lot between the student center and Skiles and next to the Weber buildings. The change will not be implemented until the planned Skiles walkway construction is done and the Tin building is torn down, meaning the change will not likely roll out until next year.