Campus Crime

A victim called GTPD to report a suspicious email. The email stated that the sender was in a “dire situation” and needed some money to “donate through you for charity.” It asked for a reply from the receiver and signed the email. The email was sent to the victim’s personal account from a Tech mailing address. GTPD suspects there may be a connection to a previous report of a suspected e-mail scam.

Outside of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority, a car was suspected stolen on the morning of July 12. The victim’s car contained several person items which added value to the amount stolen, including a purse with the driver’s license, bank card and check book. There was no broken glass or sign of a break-in at the scene of the suspected theft. The last time the victim saw the car was the night before in the parking lot near the sorority house.

Parking and Transportation as well as the company owning a dumpster by the parking spot were contacted to see if the car had been towed; both said it had not been towed by them. The value of the vehicle is estimated to be about $9,000.

On the morning of July 7, GTPD was called to the Mason Building after a report of a fire. The officer was directed to a portable oven with a “poignant” odor. Upon opening the oven and looking for its content, the burnt material appeared to be a deformed and melted white plastic bucket. The bucket had caught fire in the oven and was extinguished using water. The student who put out the fire stated that the most likely cause of the fire would be either that the temperature in the oven was too high or the bucket was left in there for too long.

Later, the Atlanta Fire Department arrived and determined that the bucket and the oven were extinguished and did not pose a further threat.