Campus Crime

At approximately 4 a.m., a police officer observed a male, dressed as a female, performing oral sex on another male on West Peachtree St., near Fourth St. The officer turned on his headlights, illuminating the suspects. The two ran in opposite directions, and the officer chased down the male who was performing the sexual act. The suspect admitted that he had agreed to perform oral sex on the other male for $20. The suspect also admitted that he was a transsexual prostitute and was working around the Fourth St. and West Peachtree area, looking for subjects to pay him for sexual acts. The suspect was transported to the Georgia Tech Police Department and was charged with prostitution, obstruction of an officer and public indecency. The suspect was then transported to Fulton County Jail.

At around 1:30 a.m., a patrolling officer observed two individuals on the top of Alexander Memorial Coliseum. After circling the coliseum several times, the officer decided to enter the coliseum and go to the roof. The officer located the suspects hiding on the top portion of the building, and upon questioning them, they said they were on top of the coliseum to enjoy the scenery. One of the suspects was a student at Tech. The two were issued Criminal Trespass Warnings and the Tech student was given a Student Code of Conduct Violation. The two suspects were then released without further incident.

At approximately 11 p.m., the GTPD was called about a suspicious email. The victim stated that the email requested she send a donation, but it did not identify where the donation should be sent to or how much the donation should be. A search of the email address was traced to an undergraduate student at Tech. The email was signed with a name not associated with the account.