Campus Crime

On May 15, on officer on patrol noticed two males walking north on Fowler Street toward Ferst Drive. The officer noticed that the two male subjects were carrying something in their arms. The officer believed the object to be a sign from an unknown place. Upon noticing the officer, the two male subjects began to run. One of the two ran toward Fourth Street, while the other made his way west on Ferst Drive toward Techwood Drive. The latter individual threw the sign to the side of the Delta Chi Fraternity house while trying to run away from the officers.

The officer then saw a third individual approaching him. He questioned the individual, who stated that he knew the two previous subjects, and that they had informed him that they had climbed over Gate 2 at Bobby Dodd Stadium and stolen the “T” off the signage in the south endzone that read “Georgia Tech.” The two individuals were identified as students and were issued Student Code of Conduct Violations.

On May 19, an officer was called to Maulding residence hall on a report of damaged property. A Tech employee reported that three exit signs had been damaged on the third floor following the departure of the football team for the summer. The Tech employee stated that each exit sign cost approximately $100 and that the estimated total cost of the damaged property would be approximately $300.

On May 22, an officer responded to a call about break-in of a car at Peters Parking Deck. When the officer arrived, the victim showed him the car which had the window on the hatch broken. There was also an arm of a parking gate lying near the scene. There were no signs of forced entry into the vehicle, and the victim reported neither stolen items nor signs of intrusion.