Council Clippings

This edition of Council Clippings covers the UHR and GSS meetings from April 20, 2010.

The Student Center Programs Council (SCPC) submitted a bill to SGA requesting funding for costs associated with the homecoming concert in the fall. The bill requested funding to reserve a headlining artist, opening artist, production fees, and venue setup, among other costs. The total amount requested was approximately $97,340 In order to meet with JFC policy and to meet concerns of representatives about the time gap between the time of funding and the event, the bill was amended to a total of $11,000. The amended version passed 33-7-2 in UHR and GSS 11-10-3.

The Yellow Jacket Flying Club requested $102,300 from SGA to add a Cessna 182S to its current fleet of aircraft. The organization stated that it currently has three Cessna 172 airplanes and one Piper twin apache. According to YJFC, the organization sold one of its airplanes in March 2010 and has since faced a backlog of pilots wanting to fly its planes. Representatives in GSS were alarmed by the cost of the bill and amended the bill down to $10,000 in order to meet with a new tentative policy before failing the bill 5-14-0. UHR also failed the bill 5-33-3.

SGA considered a bill put forth by Outdoor Recreation at Georgia Tech (ORGT) to purchase items to conduct cave surveys. Line items included laser distance measurement devices, a compass and clinometer, etc. The bill originally totaled $1198 and passed UHR 40-0-0, and GSS 18-2-0.

The Tennis Club requested approximately $1500 for travel and entry fees to compete in the USTA Collegiate Nationals. No organizational representative was present at the UHR or GSS meetings, but the bill passed anyway, GSS 18-2-1 and UHR 37-2-0.