Campus Crime

Crime reports from around campus.

Officers responded to a report of an intrusion alarm at the Phi Mu Sorority house. Upon arriving the officer found a male subject sitting in a chair near the front door. The subject identified himself as a student at Tech and that he was waiting for his girlfriend to come meet him. The officer established that his girlfriend was not in the sorority at the time the subject made entry. The subject claimed to have entered the sorority using a door lock pass code which he got from his girlfriend. Upon further questioning the subject became loud and used profane language towards the officers. The subject was placed under arrest for entering a private residence without the consent of occupants.

On April 17 an officer observed two black males engaged in sexual activity behind 728 West Peachtree Street, NW, near Tech Square. They both had their pants down, around their ankles and were engaged in sexual activity in a dark corner. As the officer put his patrol vehicle lights on the subjects, one of the subjects pulled up his shorts and began running. The officer pursued him with his patrol car as the subject ran in a circle around 728 West Peachtree Street. The subject exhausted himself and the officer detained him across the street from the start of the pursuit. He was placed under arrest and transported to Fulton County Jail, for charges of public indecency.

While conducting a building check of Bobby Dodd Stadium, an officer observed two subjects engaged in sexual intercourse, lying on the south end of the football field. The female student identified herself as a Tech student. The male subject stated that he was visiting the student from Afghanistan, and was not a student at Tech. They stated that they had gained entrance by jumping a fence near gate two. Both subjects were issued a criminal trespassing warning.