Council Clippings

This edition of Council Clippings covers the UHR and GSS meetings from April. 13, 2010.

Students Organizing for Sustainability (SOS) requested funding for tools and equipment to maintain a community garden and defer some of the costs of operation. Last semester, a group of approximately 15 students created a garden on east campus that has since expanded to include multiple crops, including carrots and several types of greens. The organization also partnered with Facilities and Housing to use their composted food waste and increase yield. Among the funding items included in the bill were shovels, gloves, a wheel barrow, etc. The bill totaled $424.31 passed GSS 21-1-0 and UHR 43-0-0.

SGA considered a bill put forward by the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity to host an alcohol awareness and education event. The organization requested funds to bring a drunk driving simulator to campus, a device that allows students to experience the level of impairment of a drunk driver. The bill totaled $754 and passed UHR 34-10-2, and GSS 14-7-1.

The SGA sustainability task force submitted a bill to SGA requesting a funding allocation for Earth Day. The bill requested funding from the Undergraduate Legislative Reserve (ULR). Among the funding items requested in the bill was a used bike from SOS, advertising and food. The bike will be raffled off as part of the Earth Day celebrations. UHR representatives had several concerns about the bill because it would fund an event open to graduate and undergraduates, and believed that the bill should come under a joint allocation. Others, however, believed that the bill was a ULR request in order to bypass JFC guidelines and fast-track the bill through SGA. The bill totaled $525 and ultimately passed UHR 37-6-1.