Campus Crime

Crime reports from around campus.

A GTPD officer was on foot patrol when he walked past the Towers Residence Hall courtyard and smelled a marijuana odor. As he approached five students sitting in the courtyard, the odor became stronger. When asked if they had been smoking marijuana, none of the students answered. A student later answered that he did have marijuana, and opened his hand to reveal a small gas pipe and a small plastic bag containing the drug. The students then admitted to have been smoking together. The students were issued Student Code of Conduct violations and released. The marijuana and pipe were put in an evidence box to be destroyed at a later date.

A female student reported harassment to the GTPD following a series of interactions with a male student she had been dating. The female had been in a relationship with the male student from Dec. 2009 to March 2010, and had received a text message that stated “Towards the end I really only wanted to strangle and/or [expletive] you.” The female student also stated that her former boyfriend had thrown a wine glass at her previously, but she was not hurt in the process. She feared that her former boyfriend was unstable and would try to hurt her in the future. The GTPD recommended that she meet with the counseling center. Upon checking up on the female student, GTPD reported that her ex-boyfriend had not contacted her, but advised that if he did try to again, that she should file a protective order.

A GTPD officer on patrol witnessed numerous students launching fireworks outside a fraternity house on Mar. 30. Upon seeing the officer, the students ran back into the house, but two were stopped by the officer. Three were given student code violations and the fireworks were destroyed.