SGA Election Guide: Jimmy Williams

Jimmy Williams



• Vice-President of Campus Affairs

• Junior and Member-at-Large Representative

• Chair of Campus Affairs Board

• Planning and Development Committee Chair

• Co-founder of Kids@Kollege

• Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society

• Georgia Tech Tour Guides

• ThinkBig@Tech Planning Committee

• Library Advisory Board

• GT1000 TL

• Freshman Activities Board

Many of the issues we deal with as students are central to the Georgia Tech culture. Instead of addressing problems individually, I want to frame all of our work in SGA around the common theme of building a better community across our campus. This community must be built up in three areas:

We must address our strained faculty-student relationship and lack of interdisciplinary options in our classes and majors. I propose an Institute-based faculty-student mentor program, a redefinition of our grading practices, specialized tracks in each major, and more flexibility in allowing core classes to count towards minor credit.

In order to build community, we must not only relieve stress from academics, but we must build a more vibrant campus life community. There is much excitement around ideas of larger campus-wide events and an expansion of Tech Square. I want SGA to incentivize organizational collaboration with additional funding for these events, and I’d like to see Tech Square expand to include more student-friendly options.

Our efforts to build community will fall short if we do not receive proper support from our campus departments. We need to optimize our transportation routes, improve our avenues for student feedback, and ensure we are not unfairly raising student fees without first looking outside of the Institute for alternative sources of revenue. We also need to truly embrace the diversity that we embody by pursuing additional Institutional support for diversity programming and outreach. Finally, we must create a coherent communications network and campus-wide calendar tailored to individual interests.

I am running for Student Body President, not because of perks or popularity, but because I want to serve you, the student body. I have worked with the administration in departments across campus, from the Provost’s office to the Athletics Association, and the issues are most important to me. It is unfair to the students to have a long transition period after elections, where current projects become forgotten. As your SGA President, my transition will be seamless. Working through my current relationships, I will begin fighting for you on day one.

The time for SGA to excite a larger vision towards building a better community and carrying our message to you, the students, is now. It is no longer enough to make information about SGA readily available on our website, and as your SGA President, you will hear from your representatives more than just once a year during an elections cycle. I don’t want to build an SGA community; I want to build your community. To do that effectively, every student must be involved in providing solutions to the issues we address. So, I hope you see, I have the experience, and more importantly the means, for making our vision of building a better community a true reality here at Georgia Tech.

Vote Jimmy Williams for your next Student Body President!