SGA Election Guide: Daniel Nussenbaum

Daniel Nussenbaum


* Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

o President 2009-2010 Hosted Regional Conference +300 Attendees

o External Vice-President 2008-2009 Fundraised $23,000+

* Junior Class President

* Sophomore Representative

* Academic Affairs Committee

* Executive Round Table

* Undergraduate Consulting Club

* Computer Science 1316 Teaching Assistant

My Vision – “Make SGA for YOU”

I strongly believe that the best ideas arise from collaboration, and that the more students involved in SGA, the better decisions we will be able to make. More ideas, concerns, and information will drive SGA to improve all its areas. My platform is based on the following:

Student Government

SGA should be completely accessible to everyone. SGA will have a weekly optional digest of all the issues in EVERY COMMITTEE. Polls of the students will be used to get more feedback and ideas. I want to make a centralized formal application process for committees, so the most qualified students are the ones who are selected.

Student Organizations

I want to make the system more efficient, so organizations can focus more on their own business and less on SGA bureaucracy. I want an improved system for funding requests that is easier to use and is LINKED with the accounting. This link shall make the reimbursements faster and will provide up-to-date statistics on the monies available, as well as history of SGA funds per event, organization, semester, etc. I believe that with more data the Legislative can make better decisions. I also want to make the process of starting an organization easier by providing all the information on the website and a step-by-step checklist of the requirements.


I want to have a committee devoted to registration issues. This committee will poll the ENTIRE student body for ideas, concerns and problems they’ve had, and will then work with administrators to improve OSCAR. I want a centralized permit system for ALL THE CLASSES. I believe that when polling the student body, many great ideas will arise. I want to have the Academic Affairs Committee to poll the student body for ideas on policy as Dead Week, Drop Date, improving Freshman Forgiveness, etc.

Student Life

I want to have a network-styled (like Facebook) website with information on EVERY EVENT on campus. This will allow for collaboration. I want organizations to be able to use this system to communicate with the Student Body and advertise their events. Organizations and students will be able to communicate and manage memberships. This system will also allow you to see who is in your classes, and help you connect with fellow students for projects, studying, and much more!

Georgia Tech

I LOVE GEORGIA TECH! I Love being at GT. I have learned so much and I would like to continue to give back.

My goal is to make SGA accessible to EVERYONE. You need a Student Body President who has a vision and can bring people together, not his own personal agenda, and I am that person. Vote NUSS!