SGA Election Guide: Corey Boone

Corey Boone



I am Corey T. Boone, and I want to be the next Student Body President of the Georgia Institute of Technology. Why, you ask? I’m running because I love this school and its people. I want to lead in a way that enhances the Georgia Tech Community, provides a learning environment that truly enriches lives, and proactively addresses the needs of all Georgia Tech Students.

As Student Body President, I will:

o Expand the Add/Drop Period.

o Lift Major Restrictions earlier during registration the period.

o Add a centralized platform that allows students to apply for overload requests in place on Oscar.

o Oversee the Continued Redevelopment of Course Critique

o Develop an Academic Rights and Expectations that will allow students and faculty to find common ground.

o Develop a Faculty-Student Mentoring Program.

o Review tenure to place a greater emphasis on teacher effectiveness.

o Implement a “Service Option” to be added to the curriculum of each major.

o Advocate for an i-Tunes Library of Georgia Tech’s best lecturers

o Advocate for more campus areas for students to “Hangout” on and around campus.

o Advocate for a diversity component to be added to the evaluation of all Georgia Tech faculty and staff members.

o Advocate for a revision in campus alcohol policies that allow for a Good Samaritan Provision.

o Advocate for more campus services that employ students

o Restructure the Communications Board to include a Director of Student Engagement.

o Establish a workable communications platform here at Tech that eliminates the countless emails that students receive on a daily basis.

Enriching your Georgia Tech Experience is about more that achieving a laundry list of objectives. It is about empowering every Yellow Jacket to thrive during these the best years of their lives. I believe that I am the only candidate with the unique experience necessary to do so. This past year, I have served as Vice President of Communications where my chief duty is ensuring that your voice is heard on every issue here at Georgia Tech. Below is a list of my experience.

Student Government Association: Vice President of Communications, Chairman of the Campus Communications Board, Campus Affairs Board, Chairman Academic Affairs Committee, Management Representative, Planning and Development Committee, Internal Development Committee, Cultural Affairs Committee, Stipend Committee.

Georgia Tech Student Ambassadors: Ambassador, Morale Chair

Honor Advisory Council: Honor Advisor, Presentations Chair

Student Rules and Regulations Committee: Undergraduate Student Representative

Undergraduate Academic Council: Undergraduate Student Representative

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee: Undergraduate Student Representative

Tri-mester Committee: Undergraduate Student Representative

Sportsmanship Taskforce

CIOS Taskforce: Undergraduate Student Representative

Georgia Tech Choral

Theta Xi Fraternity: Recruitment Chair, Social Chair

M & M Mentoring Program

College Ladders

ACC Leadership Conference Delegate

Sympathetic Vibrations

Student Assistant: Alumni House, Office of the President

Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee: Undergraduate Representative

Ferst Center for the Arts Student Advisory Committee