SGA Election Guide: Brenda Morales

Brenda Morales



* SGA Executive Cabinet, Institute-Wide Committees Chair

* Representative in the Undergraduate House

* Committee on the Presidential Transition

* Provost’s Task Force for Intellectual Community

* Mandatory Student Fee Advisory Committee

* Sophomore Summit Planning Committee

* Safety Task Force

* Campus Portal Committee

My Vision:

The Executive Vice President serves not only as a member of the Executive Cabinet, but also as the Chair of the legislative body, the Undergraduate House of Representatives. My experience in both branches over the past two years has provided me with the knowledge needed to create a comprehensive vision for the Student Government Association and will allow me to be an effective leader beginning on the very first day of my term.

In my two years as a representative in the Undergraduate House, I have stood for accountability from representatives and responsible stewardship of the nearly $5 million Student Activity Fee budget that is entrusted to the House. As EVP, I will foster accountability and responsibility in many ways, including the following:

* Opening avenues of communication between representatives and constituents.

* Holding bill submission information sessions for organizations seeking funding.

* Providing thorough training to representatives in the use of the JacketPages bill system.

* Ensuring that representatives are able to advise organizations on the Joint Finance Committee Policy.

I have also served and will continue to serve as an unwavering voice for students in my role on the Executive Cabinet and as a member of several Institute-wide committees. As EVP, I will advance student priorities and work to foster a better campus community in the following ways:

* Fighting for improved campus services, including streamlined registration, higher quality dining options, improved parking and transportation, and intuitive athletic ticketing sign-ups.

* Introducing more fair policies for students and organizations.

* Strengthening ties with administrators and other student leaders to create change.

* Encouraging collaboration between organizations for more effective campus programming.