SGA Election Guide: Ajai Karthikeyan

Ajai Karthikeyan


I am currently a 3rd year Computer Science and Management Dual Major. I have been involved in numerous organizations on campus and have founded and led a couple of them during my time at Georgia Tech. Some of these include the College of Computing’s Undergraduate Council (President), The Young Entrepreneurs Society (Founder and President) and The Firewall (Founding President) amongst others.

When I decided to run for this position, I was informed by one of my friends that I was an SGA outsider, as I had not been actively involved in SGA in the past. I strongly believe that the STUDENT Government Association should comprise of the ENTIRE student body in practice and not only on paper. This is why I decided to run for this position. I aim to make SGA a much more transparent and approachable organization which involves all students in its decision making process. I strongly hope that in the future there is no such thing as an SGA outsider and SGA

Unlike most people who set goals for what they will do when they are in office, the first goal I am setting myself is for the elections itself. Last year only 3,662 out of the 12,069 undergraduates at Tech voted in the SGA elections. This is only 30.3% of the student body. Since, I aim to get more students involved with SGA, why not start with elections itself? My goal for this year is to double this number. While I hope you’ll cast your vote for me, the most important thing is that you participate in SGA and exercise your right to vote!

I have my vote and I am going to need your help with the remaining 7,323 votes for me to achieve this goal.