Council Clippings

This edition of Council Clippings covers the UHR and GSS meetings from April. 6, 2010.

Sigma Gamma Tau, the AE honor society, submitted a funding requesat through the Undergraduate Legislative Reserve (ULR) to host an annual banquet for graduating seniors in the AE department.

The line item funding requests included the cost of renting, clean-up and security fees for the venue. This year the event will be hosted at the alumni house. The bill generated a lengthy discussion about the purpose of the ULR, and its role in funding undergraduate only events.

Some representatives voiced their concern that the ULR was reserved to special projects of UHR, including the SGA banquet and the retreats. Therefore, they argued that this bill should not be funded using ULR. Others pointed out the fact that such a bill was unlikely to garner support from GSS, and that the organization would only receive funding through the ULR.

Representatives eventually reached a consensus that while it would be appropriate to fund this bill through ULR, the SGA bylaws must be amended to define a more clear policy regarding ULR funding requests in the future. The bill passed UHR 28-3-7. Because this bill requested funds from ULR, GSS did not consider the bill.

The Marksmanship Club requested funding from SGA to purchase equipment necessary for “range outings” conducted by the club each month. The line items in bill included the cost of ammunition, a spotting scope, and advertisement. The bill was amended to $650 from $985 in order to conform to JFC policy. The bill passed UHR 37-1-0 and GSS 24-3-0.

The CanSat Club submitted a bill to SGA requesting funds to purchase parts to construct a robot for a competition in Amarillo, Texas. The organization will use the parts to build a robot capable of launching into the air, landing, and driving to a remote location in the desert. Among the line items included servo motors, parachutes and a GPS chip. The bill was amended to $2675.20 in order to reflect JFC policy regarding funding for conference fees, and passed UHR 39-0-0, and GSS 25-1-0.

The GT Triathalon Club requested funding from SGA in order to compete at the USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals Competition in Lubbock, TX. Line items for the bill included race entry fees and travel expenses, totaling $2450. The club has approximately fifteen members participating in the upcoming competition. The bill passed UHR 39-0-1 and GSS 25-1-0.

SGA passed legislation put forward by Outdoor Recreation at Georgia Tech(ORGT) to fund purchases of items related to mountain biking trips. ORGT currently has a total of six mountain bikes for these trips, and the additional funding will allow them to purchase three more. The organization also requested funding for tools and parts to maintain the bikes, including wheels, pliers, wrenches, grease and lube. The bill totaled approximately $2,323.61 and was passed 39-0-0 and GSS 25-1-0.