Campus Crime

A Tech staff member reported to the police that he had been harassed by his former boyfriend of a month. The staff member stated that he had ended a one month relationship, after he felt that his boyfriend was unstable. Following the break-up, the victim had received harassing texts, phone calls and emails that stated that the ex-boyfriend would show up on campus and distribute flyers with compromising pictures taken of the victim during their relationship. The staff member stated that his former boyfriend had already posted these compromising pictures online. The GTPD then suggested that the victim file a report with the Atlanta Police Department.

Police were called to the IC at 4:13 in the morning after a facilities worker had witnessed two blonde, white males of approximately twenty years of age enter the building at 3:30 a.m. The males entered using their BuzzCards, and had begun causing noise inside of the foyer area.

When the facilities worker went to see the cause for the noise, she saw the two men throwing newspapers and trash around the room and then run off. Although there is no physical damage or sign of forced entry, the two men have yet to be identified.

March 21, GTPD responded to a call from a student. The student was in the Student Center after alleging assault. The victim was a participant in the MomoCon anime conference that was occurring that weekend. The victim stated that she had been walking from the IC from the Student Center when a woman grabbed her around the neck and began to choke her for unknown reasons. The assaulter had arrived at MomoCon with the victim, but the victim did not know who she was or where she lived. Police advised the victim to call the police when she knew more information about the assaulter.