Council Clippings

This edition of Council Clippings covers the UHR and GSS meetings from Mar. 8, 2010.

The Greek Neighborhood Association (GNA) submitted a bill to SGA requesting funding to expand recycling centers in five zones of the Greek sector, including 36 Greek chapters and five interfaith organizations, encompassing an area inhabited by over 4,000 students. The organization proposed the placement of 3-yd dumpsters for recycling in each of the five zones and trash cans at each oranization. GNA requested $3,099.25 and was passed in UHR 38-1-1 and GSS 16-5-0.

Representatives considered a bill to amend the Joint Finance Committee’s stipend policy to fund student positions in Tier II organizations. The bill set maximum stipend caps as percentage of tuition for various positions, including those of SGA Presidents, IFC positions, and Student Publications. A debate ensued as to whether certain postions deserved to receive stipends, and whether those positions deserved to receive stipends as high as that. Several representatives took issue with the fact that IFC positions received stipends, because the money used to fund IFC would come from the entire student body. Others argued that this bill was merely a roadmap for the budget meeting, and individual stipends should be discussed then. The bill was amended only to reflect slight changes in wording and passed GSS 18-4-1 and UHR 33-4-3.

Tau Beta Pi requested funding from SGA to host an Undergraduate Research Fair for students actively seeking undergraduate assistantships. The organization requested funding to publicize the event, totaling $369.50. The bill passed UHR 41-0-0 and was postponed by GSS for one week.