Campus Crime

Crime reports from around campus.

A student’s father contacted that GTPD after receiving a phone call from his daughter’s cell phone from a group of fraternity members on Feb. 27. The fraternity brothers proceeded to describe sexual acts that they had engaged in with his daughter. He believed it to be a prank until one of the brothers mentioned his daughter’s name. Upon contacting his daughter, the father learned that she was safe but had attended a party at that fraternity with three friends earlier that night and had lost her phone. The father realized there was no exact criminal office, but has reported the incident to the Dean of Students office.

A GTPD officer pulled over a Jeep Grand Cherokee on Tenth St. after observing the car turning on a red light. After approaching the driver, the officer found that he smelled of alcohol. When asked if he had anything to drink, the driver replied “a couple beers early at Ted’s Montana Grill.” The driver was then put through a number of sobriety tests, which he failed. The officer then sent him to Fulton County Jail and the car to one of the driver’s friend’s house.

GTPD officers were called to North Avenue Apartments after reports that a male was injured in a fight. The student was covered in blood, but refused any treatment, stating that he would “handle the situation like a man” and refused to state anything further. Another witness stated that the first student had threatened to kill the witnesses. The first student was later arrested.