Campus Crime

On the afternoon of Feb. 22, a water scrubber in the Petit Microelectronics Research Center exploded in a service room. The fire triggered the fire alarm and the toxic gas alarm and the building was evacuated. A staff member was doing the regular routine of emitting gas from the machines when the explosion occurred. After initially contacting the City of Atlanta Fire Department, the call was cancelled after the fire was put out. There were no injuries. The estimated cost of the water scrubber was around $15,000.00.

An employee contacted the police to report a woman who was stalking him. The two had been engaged in a sexual relationship until the employee found out the woman was married. He attempted to break off the relationship, but the women continued to attempt to make contact with the man. She eventually came onto campus, smelling of alcohol, attempting to talk to the employee. She was kicked off and later was going to be issued a criminal trespass warning, but could not be contacted.

On Feb. 23, GTPD arrived at the Barnes and Noble in Tech Square after receiving a complaint of a possible theft. The subject was holding a harmonica when officers approached. After a search of the area, the officer found an opened harmonica packaging on the shelf. The suspect was arrested.

Police were contacted by a concerned parent. The parent had not heard back from his/her child from in more than four days. The two had kept in regular contact through email. The parent had contacted the student’s doctor and an administrator in the student’s department; none had any information or clues on the whereabouts of the student. The student lives off-campus.