Council Clippings

SGA passed a bill requesting funding by the Club Math organization to host Mathemagician Arthur Benjamin, a professor of mathematics at Harvey Mudd College. The event will be held in March and accommodate approximately 250 students, free of charge. UHR passed the bill 46-0-0, while GSS voted 23-2-1

The Ice Hockey Club submitted a bill requesting funding for new uniforms and a skate sharpener, totaling $9124.66. The team would have to spend $2500 per season to sharpen their skates through an outside service. Therefore, the organization requested $6833.33 to purchase a high quality machine with which members would be trained. GSS representatives expressed concern that the storage location for the sharpener was off campus. At the UHR meeting, organizational representatives confirmed that the sharpener could be stored at the CRC. GSS postponed the bill, and UHR passed the bill 44-1-1.

UHR voted on a bill to amend the bylaws of the undergraduate student government defining the electorate of class representatives. In past elections students were allowed to vote for representatives based on their class standing and not by the number of years at Tech. The old system was created in order to be effectively implemented by OIT during the election process. As a result of this bill, electorates are defined based on the amount of time they have spent at Tech. UHR passed the bill with a vote total of 43-0-1.