Two injured in on-campus sword attack

A post-doctoral fellow was stabbed on Thursday, Feb. 4 at approximately 1:15 PM at the Weber Space Science and Technology building. The victim was taken to Grady Hospital for treatment of his injuries. In addition, a police officer was also injured in apprehending the suspect. Georgia Tech Police Department (GTPD) arrived on the scene shortly after the incident.

According to GTPD, the suspect is a former graduate student and used a sword to attack the victim. Witnesses on the scene stated that the attacker had been asking for funding for a postdoctoral fellowship for several days. The victim was taken out of the building on a stretcher.

Tech issued an official statement on its main website at 2:40 PM stating the following, “The victim was reportedly injured and was taken to Grady Hospital. During the arrest, a police officer was slightly injured by the attacker. There is no further threat to campus. The building is closed while the incident is under investigation.”

“He was on a stretcher and he looked conscious… he wasn’t pale or anything. He was holding his arm to his stomach so it was unclear whether he was stabbed in the torso or the arm or both,” said Eriks Osvalds, an AE grad student when asked about the victim.

Check back for updates as they become available.