Campus Crime

Crime reports from around campus.

GTPD was called to Howell Residence Hall after an RA reported seeing two bongs from a students window while doing a Fire, Light and Safety Inspection on the building. He called police and the hall director, who reported to the room in question, which was answered by the two residents.

When asked as to whether the bongs were still there, one resident presented one but stated that he disposed the other one after it did not work. He also stated that he had smoked marijuana in the possessed bong and was the only one in the room who did so, but had no more drugs left. In addition, he stated that the bong was not his, but he was borrowing it from a friend.

GTPD officers then took the bong, photographed it and observed its disposal.

Officers reported to a fraternity house Jan. 29 at 2:55 a.m. while on a traffic stop. While at the traffic stop, the officers witnessed a male subject yelling from the second floor of the fraternity house. According to police, the subject yelled, “[Expletive] the police” and “[Expletive] you” repeatedly with fraternity members encouraging them on the porch.

Police then approached the house and asked for the president, who was hesitant to comply with the officer’s demands. When the police stated that they would file a report on the fraternity, the president complied and located the subject. The subject was both intoxicated and underage; however, when questioned the subject denied any such claim. The subject was nervous and additionally refused to say that he was the person yelling out the obscenities.

When police asked the subject if his brothers were lying, the subject did not respond. All brothers present stated that the subject was indeed the culprit and had been lying. The police turned the subject in to the dean’s office.