Campus Crime

Crime reports from around campus

On Jan. 7, GTPD received a report of a theft of property at the A. French Building. An employee of GT Facilities noticed that a Hoover carpet shampooer was missing from a maintenance closet. There was no sign of forced entry into the first floor of the building, nor the maintenance closet. The value of the shampooer was approximately $250.

An officer responded to a call in reference to the smell of marijuana in the Eighth Street Apartments. The officer went to the third floor, and smelled a strong scent of marijuana. Officers checked both the fourth and second floors, but did not locate the main source of marijuana. The next day, officers received another report of marijuana smoke at the Eight Street Apartments. Officers returned to an apartment they had searched the day before, but again could not detect the source of the smell of marijuana.

Officers were dispatched to North Avenue South on Jan. 14 in response to a call about suspicious damage on the wall. It appeared that someone had thrown their body against the wall, causing some damage. Also, someone had attempted to kick down a door facing Centennial Olympic Park, causing damage to the lock. On the third floor, two holes were located on each side of the hallway. The damage to the building was estimated to be approximately $650.

GTPD received a call about a suspicious odor of gas at the intersection of Ninth Street and Hemphill Avenue. Atlanta Fire Department and Environmental Health and Safety arrived on the scene. Atlanta Gas was called to break open the ground to pinpoint the gas leak and location.