Pipes burst due to frigid temperatures

Icy conditions moved indoors when multiple pipe bursts resulted in the flooding of several buildings across campus. The Undergraduate Living Center (ULC), North Avenue North (NAN), and the Student Center were all impacted by flooding.

On the evening of Jan. 4, a cold water pipe burst in the attic of the ULC, flooding study rooms on each floor and affecting 18 apartments in the building. Cleaning crews worked in affected rooms to repair the damage and restore the building to its previous condition, finishing the work on Jan. 9.

Following the flood at the ULC, a sprinkler pipe burst on the 10th floor of NAN, resulting in the flooding of several floors. A total of 38 apartments were affected as a result. A second restoration company was hired to repair the damage.

On Jan. 9, another sprinkler pipe in the attic of the five floor stack in NAN burst, affecting eight apartment units. According to Dan Morrison, the Director of Residence Life, the total cost for cleanup crews in the residence halls is could be as much as $250,000. In addition to flooding in various housing units, a sprinkler pipe in one of the storage closets of the Stamps Student Center Commons burst, flooding the Piedmont Room, Jackets and Burdell’s. Water traveled to Einstein’s Bagels before the valve was shut off. Dehumidifiers were placed to dry the carpet and walls to prevent mold. Clean-up in the Commons will be completed this week, with repair work in Jackets extending into the month of Feb.