News Briefs

Business magazine Kiplinger has named Tech one of the top 20 best value public colleges in the nation this year. Tech ranks number 15 in in-state rankings and 57 in out-of-state rankings, out of the list of 120 colleges. The magazine, which gave the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill the top position, determined the rankings based on academic quality, cost and financial aid for both in-state and out-of-state students. Tech’s ranking improved by one standing over last year in the in-state list, and is one of four colleges from the state of Georgia that appeared on the list. Other schools present also included the University of Georgia, which ranked 6th.

Following the Dec. 1 runoff election and ensuing recount, Kasim Reed was named and inaugurated as the 59th mayor of Atlanta Jan. 4th. Reed previously held the position of state senator of Georgia’s 35th district and defeated opponent city councilwoman Mary Norwood in the election.

Dr. David Bader, Dr. Ian Ferguson, Richard Hartlein, Dr. David Keezer and Dr. Emmanouil Tentzeris were elevated to the rank of IEEE felllows. awarded to 309 engineering professionals based on their accomplishment in any IEEE field.