Campus Crime

Crime reports from around campus.

On Friday Nov. 6 at 11:30 a.m. a student made a report of indecent exposure and theft in the CRC. The victim was in the CRC when a white male, about 5’6”, entered the locker room and exposed his genitalia. The man then repeatedly asked “Sir, what do I do about this rash?”. The victim turned his head to avoid eye contact with the offender’s “rash”, and when he turned back the offender had run out of the locker room.

The victim then realized that his brown-striped Adidas shoes had been left where the offender had been standing and were now missing. The rash offender had still not been located at press time.

On Saturday Nov. 7 at 7:54 p.m. a visitor to campus for the Wake Forest football game reported a vehicular accident on the lawn outside of the sustainable education building. The complainant had set up a tent to tailgate, and after the game ended, witnessed a Facilities operated golf cart hop the curb in order to avoid traffic. The golf cart then clipped the leg of the complainant’s tailgating tent, breaking the leg.

On Friday Nov. 7 at 10:25 p.m. an officer was flagged down and informed that a student had been pitching glass bottles off of a third-story window to the alley behind Alpha Tau Omega. The complainant said that the bottles nearly hit two pedestrians in the alley, although neither pedestrian had stayed to speak with the officer.

The officer went to the back of the fraternity house and made contact with a student who acknowledged that he had been throwing the bottles. The student said that he had not been aware there were pedestrians there, and cleaned the glass up without further incident. The student received a code of conduct violation for his actions.