Council Clippings: This week in Student Government

Archery Club

The Archery Club submitted a bill requesting funding for additional competitions. The bill was submitted in a similar fashion to other student organizations, since the club was not around when budgets were due for the current fiscal year. GSS passed the bill, amended per JFC policy, 24-4. UHR cut funding out the bill for the second two of the three competitions which the club sought funding for, citing that the time frame was outside the six week window. UHR passed its version of the bill 43-3-1. It will go to conference committee.

Freshman Leadership Summit

UHR considered a bill to fund the Freshman Leadership Summit. The majority of the $270.73 requested was for food at the event, which is allowed since the bill was to be funded using the undergraduate legislative reserve, which exempts the bill from JFC policy. The bill passed 45-1-2

Undergraduate by-Laws

UHR considered a bill that would amend its by-laws, requiring UHR members to attend or participate in at least two different SGA functions, such as a being a member on a committee or chairperson, or attend an SGA function outside of the weekly meetings, as approved by the House at the beginning of each semester. Some representatives expressed that such a condition would be outside the requirement to be an UHR representative. The bill received a vote of 34-10, but failed to meet the two-thirds requirement of the entire house, including absent members, which is 39 votes, to be enacted.