Atlanta Mayor Elections

The City of Atlanta will hold municipal elections on Tuesday, Nov. 3 in an effort to fill the offices for Mayor, multiple City Council seats and the Board of Education. The incumbent mayor, Shirley Franklin will be ineligible to run for re-election due to term limits on her office. As a result, the mayoral campaign has been left wide open and has led to a hotly contested race.

The key issues prevalent in the campaigns include safety, unemployment and fiscal responsibility. In addition to the Office of Mayor, students can participate in elections for city council posts. Students living on campus may vote for candidates representing District 6, and may also vote for candidates running for at-large positions on city council. The city council functions as a legislative body, proposing bills and passing legislation to help govern the city. Both the Office of Mayor and City Council posts are non-partisan.

Students may vote for any of the positions on Nov. 3 in the Piedmont Room at the Student Center. The candidates for both the mayoral and city council elections are listed below.

: Atlanta City Council President

Education: Graduate of Duke University (BA) and a Masters of Science in Health Administration from the University of Colorado.

Issues: Has a four level platform divided into such categories as “Getting Our Money’s Worth,” which includes such goals as to focus revenue on city obligations while cutting unnecessary spending; “Protecting All of Our Neighbors,” in which she plans to increase public service personnel among other things; “Making Atlanta Work,” by demanding support for MARTA and continue the 10-Year Blueprint To End Homelessness plan.

: State Senator of the 35th District

Education: Graduate of Howard University (BA) and Howard University School of Law

Issues: Wants to expand the MARTA network; Tax relief, including raising the homestead exemption for all Atlantans and freezing property tax assessments for low-income seniors; supports the continuance of Mayor Franklin’s Next Step program; promises to add 750 sworn officers to the Atlanta Police Department and a closer relationship with the Atlanta Police Foundation; and expanding tax credits and other incentive programs for businesses.

: Atlanta City Councilwoman, Post 2

Education: Graduate of Emory University

Issues: Has two main platform planks: a 12-point Public Safety Program that includes modernizing and making transparent the accounting system to decrease furloughing in the police and fire fighting budgets, expanding the current police force by 10%, initiating a Deferred Retirement Option Program for the police force, helping public safety personnel become homeowners within the city, and working to ensure more vigorous prosecutions. The second plank is taxes and financial accountability.

: Attorney

Education: Graduate of Dartmouth College, Oxford University (Rhodes Scholar) and Harvard Law School.

Issues: The Cornerstones on Spike’s platform are Fiscal Responsibly, in which Spikes says he will hire an Independent CFO to lead financial planning; Public Safety, to which Spike also plans to increase both police and fire fighting forces; Partnerships That Work, and Jobs. To increase employment opportunities Spike “will rely on [his] vast business experience and worldwide network of relationships to recruit jobs to our city.”

: B.S. in Biochemistry/Biotechnology from Michigan State University then a doctorate degree from Gerogia Tech. Her key issues include Safety, High Property Taxes and Water Bills, Business Growth, Education, Transportation, and Green Initiatives. See

: Graduate American University, Washington D.C. His key issues include Public Safety, Taxes, and Economic Opportunity. See

: Graduate Kansas State University, with a B.S. in Business. Experience in Project/Production Management, Procurement Quality Assurance, Business Development and Industrial Engineering. Issues: Taxes, Crime, and Consensus. See

: Graduate University of Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas. Command Sergeant Major in the Army JROTC. See

: Graduate University of Pennsylvania -The Wharton School and Gorgia Tech. He is Director of Development for Jerusalem House, Atlanta’s oldest and largest provider of permanent, supportive housing for homeless or low-income individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS. See

In order to vote in the mayoral and city council elections, you must be registered to vote in the state of Georgia, or as a college student, obtain a Georgia Voter Registration form from the school’s registrar’s office. Voting will be open Tuesday, Nov. 3 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Voting will take place on campus in the Piedmont Room of the Student Center Commons. Please bring an I.D. to your polling location.