Council Clippings

This edition of Council Clippings covers the UHR and GSS meetings from Sept. 3, 2009.

SGA passed a bill disbursing funds to the Student Center Programs Council for Six Flags night. The event is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 25. Tickets are available online for a price of $13 until Friday, Sept. 11 at

Six Flags night was started in 2003 as a partnership between SGA and the administration in an effort to hold large campus events. In its first year, 7250 campus community members attended the event. Attendance is expected to be around 10,000 this year. The resolution passed 43-0.

UHR considered a bill to fund hand sanitizer bottles for distribution at SGA week. The purpose of the bill was to increase awareness of SGA on campus and help combat the H1N1 virus. The bill was dealt a blow following one representative’s revelation that most hand sanitizer combats bacterial diseases and would do little against the H1N1 virus. This led to a lengthy discussion on whether or not to still fund the bill for the sake of increased publicity and awareness of SGA amongst the student body.

Several members made the case against passing the bill purely for publicity reasons, and the bill failed to pass the vote.

SGA looked at a bill to increase funding for the campus welcome back event, held after Institute President G.P. “Bud” Peterson’s Investiture on Thursday. The event is open to all members of the campus community. The resolution passed with a vote of 38-3.

SGA passed a resolution expressing condolences to the family of Justin Bellmor, a student who passed away on Aug. 26 from complications of a brain aneurysm. Bellmor was a sixth-year CS major from Marietta, GA who was entering his sixth year at Tech. He was employed as a system administrator at the Georgia Tech Information Security Center.