Campus Crime

Crime briefs from around campus.

On Aug. 14 at 12:02 a.m., Tech police were called to Maulding Residence Hall after the Hall Director for West Campus repported flooding on the first and second floors. The flooding was the result of the fire sprinklers going off. The director stated that the source of the flooding was from a room in the second floor.

The reporting officer inspected the dorm room and found the mother of an incoming freshman. The mother had been attempting to heat some tea in the microwave, which proceeded to light on fire. She then attempted to put out the fire quickly; however, the sprinkler system went off. While trying to stop the sprinkler system, she slipped and struck her chin on the wet floor.

The mother received a large cut on the chin and was then transported to the hospital for evaluation.

Police were called to Forth Street, N.W., in front of the Catholic Center Aug. 16 where they found a white male holding onto a light pole. The man, who was heavily drunk at the time, was hanging from the light pole to prevent himself from falling. Upon speaking with the man’s friend (who was not intoxicatd), the officer ascertained that both men were not Tech students, but had come to campus to look around after going to a bar in Midtown. The drunk man was taken to Grady Hospital.

Aug. 15, police were called to Brown Residence Hall at 11 p.m. after a complaint of a smell similar to that of marijuana coming from a student’s room. Once arriving at the room, the officer approached the room and smelled no such scent. The officer then spoke to the resident living in the room, who stated no one had been smoking in the room. The officer entered the room with consent and found nothing suspicious.